Career oriented women in modern Indian society – Their problems and privileges

Career oriented womenWe live in a noninterventionist society. The phenomena of democracy and open education have bridged the abyss of inequality between both the sexes to a great extent. Modern education has allowed women to come out of the confines of home and take active part in the society and to work shoulder-to-shoulder with men in every field. It is not to say that she has forgotten the valued customs but she has simply realigned herself.

Nature has placed more compulsions on woman by virtue of her being a mother. What makes her than take up such strenuous professions? Financial independence is the key to self-reliance and this is what drives women towards it. Modern living has become costly and can be taken as one of the reasons for her accepting a job. It is especially true for lower and middle class where women seek employment to sustain their family incomes. The women of the higher class too, ardently seek jobs as it easily gets them higher position, but they do it chief to improve their social prestige and to uphold lavish lifestyles. Women also look for employment to become more apt from marriage viewpoint. It is seen groom’s family favors employed girl in comparison to sitting girl. Earning women would be helpful in running the family seems the obvious conclusion. But it is however not the end case. The pressure to adjust personal and professional lives sometimes becomes agonizing with the result one of them suffers. The working women may be subjugated at their work places, made victims of sexual abuse or face problems due to overtime or working at night hours where security becomes a trouble. In such case, profession doesn’t become cathartic gate but bondage; this could never be the purpose of employment because it doesn’t make her contingent.

But then, that doesn’t take away the privilege of women to take up work of their choice. Parents are giving equal attention to the education of girls. Daughters have been found to be dashing and achieving in their academic fields. The Indian woman today stands second to none. The society should learn to respect her. At home the husband should learn to share burden of running the household. The wife should be treated like a co-partner. The men have to give up their authoritarian role, as whatever he has, is also contributed by his wife’s earnings. This feeling, if it gains ground would make living a life more pleasurable experience. After all modernism in its essence is to exercise one’s own choices freely in the good of all.

By way of overall analysis, it can be said employment in the context of women can bring good results only when they exercise it prudently. The liberty of modern social setup should not lead to unopposed behavior. The power of social choices given to her call for virtuous use. The balance between personal fulfillment and social responsibility must be achieved pleasantly.


- Romila Chitturi (views expressed in the article are that of the author)


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