Dealing with job insecurity

Dealing with job insecurityThe current market situations have left most of us confused and anxious about our present jobs. Everyone has either seen or have been a victim of salary cuts or corporate lay offs. You cannot run away from the feeling of job insecurity at times when you expect the worst to happen and you work under tremendous stress and constant fear!

What can you do in a global recession irrespective of whether or not your job is at stake? Industry experts say that the best way to deal with such a stressful situation is to seek a support system in your family and friends. Such unconditional support works as a remedy to your depressions, controls your fears and helps you in thinking clearly and positively.

These are the times when there have been salary cuts and random lay off’s across industries. A leading media company in Mumbai startled its employees by giving pink slips one fine day to almost 40 employees. “I was on my way to work when a colleague gave me this news. The thought whether I would be among them haunted me till I reached office but luckily I was saved. There are no salary cuts but this year there won’t be any appraisals or bonus for us.” Another journalist from a leading newspaper states that there have been salary cuts for all in her organization. “At least 10 percent of my basic salary would be deducted from this month onwards. I won’t mind reducing my shopping budget from now and saving up more. What if I am next? Its better to be prepared”, she states.

HR experts from the industry say that in such situations it is best to do your work sincerely. Make weekly reports and submit them to your boss without fail. If you are scared that you might be the next one to be sacked, there is no better time than now to start applying to other companies. Even during recession there are few companies that are hiring people at good salaries. You never know when a good opportunity might come your way. “In case you have lost your job- take it as a learning curve in your life. Look at what you have achieved till now. Do not underestimate yourself or lose hope. Keep applying for other jobs. Do not have a huge salary expectation when you go for an interview. Remember- times are bad and opportunities are few. Have patience and develop a positive outlook”, says a HR expert of a leading finance organization.

In these times the number of people seeking expert help has also increased largely. Expert psychologists say that during these times one should take care of their health first. Stress is the enemy of a healthy body and mind. Ensure that you have proper meals and enough sleep. This helps in reducing anxiety. One can socialize more or learn something new that they would enjoy. And always remember- you are not alone in this global recession.


- Ekta Bhatnagar (views expressed in the article are that of the author)


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