Networking for job search

Networking for Job SearchOf all the available job search techniques networking is perhaps the most effective way of securing that dream job. Networking involves developing a set of contacts that will provide you with valuable information and advice in your job search campaign. A large number of jobs are never advertised either in print or in web. Your network will help you tap this part of the job market successfully.

An IT professional says, “In my eight years experience in the IT sector I have found jobs by networking a couple of times. You need not be aggressive or pushy in establishing your network. All you need is a dedicated approach along with a high level of professionalism”. “In the wake of the global economic meltdown a majority of the companies are freezing their hiring process. You can only get to know of the few open positions available through networking”, adds a job seeker.

The first step in successful networking is to develop your contacts. Start with your family, friends, college alumni and colleagues. All of them may not be working in the same field as yours but they may refer you to someone they know who can provide information about a prospective employer. Whenever you attend a workshop or seminar remember to exchange business cards with fellow participants. Even in informal gatherings you can always mention casually that you are looking for a job. You never know somebody might be there to assist you. Make phone calls to company’s HR professionals and introduce yourself even if you do not know them personally. The internet is another way to build your network. Try adding new members to your network constantly.

“It is important that you manage your network efficiently. In order to keep track of them, maintain a database of your contacts including names, address, company name, position, mobile number, email address and a brief note on where you met them. Stay in touch with them regularly. Drop them an email with your resume. Keep it simple and brief. Even if they send you a regret letter just send a thank you mail for their efforts and request them to contact you in case of any future opening. Send them a New Year or birthday greeting. It will help them to recollect you when you ask for any favour from them”, suggests an employee of a start-up company. In fact you should keep your network updated about your situation from time to time.

Networking is a continuous process. You should be patient and follow up with your network even if you are not seeking employment presently. In this way you can build a rapport that will take you a long way in your career.


- Ranjita Chattopadhyay (views expressed in the article are that of the author)


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