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In the working of an organisation compliance of legal obligations is necessary. If the employer make default in compliances of these obligations, then he/she will be punished by law. Some statutes have provided not only maximum punishment but also minimum punishment to ensure the strict implementation of these compliance. Legal compliance of these obligation are necessary for securing the rights and benefits of workmen.

Legal Compliance by Employers for January 2009




Contract Labour(R&A) Act,1970 & Rules

Half Yearly return by contractor(in duplicate) Form XXIV Rule 82(1)

30th January 2009

Employees’ Provident Funds & Misc. Provisions Act,1952

Deposit of provident fund contributions

Submission of monthly return Forms 5,10 and 12 A

15 January 2009


25 January 2009

Employees’ State Insurance Act,1948

Deposit of ESI contribution

Annual information about factory/establishment covered the Act

21st January 2009

31st January 2009

Employment Exchange(CNV) Act, 1959 & Rules

Quarterly return for quarter ended 31st Dec. Previous year

Form ER-1 (Rule 6)

15th January 2009

Factories Act,1948

Annual Return(Refer to State Rules

15th January 2009

Maternity Benefit Act,1961

Annual Returns and details of payment ending 31st Dec.

Form LMNO Rule 16(1)

21st January 2009


Contributed by Deepak Miglani, Research Partner (Legal), Paycheck India.


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