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What is the meaning of the wage adjusted by purchasing power parity, Big Mac wage, the Wage Indicator Foundation, Global wage comparisons.

Wage in $ adjusted by purchasing power parity (PPP) - expresses wage in dollars, that have the same purchasing power as current U.S. dollar has in the USA. Prices of a broad basket of commodities is used to calculate the PPP conversion rates. Please note that the wages in PPP dollars differ from those calculated using the currency conversion rate, reflecting different price levels in different countries. IMF’s estimates of the PPP exchange rates for April 2012 were used.

Big Mac per hour of work - expresses an alternative, more “digestive” way to compare the purchasing power across different currencies. It is published annually by the The Economist magazine based on the cost of a “Big Mac” hamburger in McDonald’s restaurants.

Please note that this number is intended for informative purposes and is not necessarily representative of prices in any particular restaurant. Big Mac prices were collected in January 2012.

Wage Indicator Foundation mission - to share and compare wage information. Contribute to a transparent labor market. Provide free, accurate wage data through salary checks on national Wage Indicator websites. Offer information about labour law, career. The Wage Indicator cooperates with universities, like University of Amsterdam, Harvard Law School, Indian Institute of Management, Ahhmedabad. The foundation has many cooperations and contracts with social partners in almost all countries where Wage Indicator Foundation is present. See for more information the Wage Indicator Foundation.

Global Wage Comparisons - present comparative data, that have been scientifically tested for validity about the earnings of different professional groups around the world. Global Wage Comparisons are published regularly across the network of websites associated with Wage Indicator. The comparative data are translated into as many languages as possible and published in a way sensitive to the national context (i.e. in national currencies), while maintaining the international comparability of the data through also presenting the numbers in PPP dollars.