Career in advertising

Career in advertisingIt is interesting to note how a 30 second television commercial or an attractive print advertisement attracts customers, tempting them to buy different categories of products. If you get an adrenaline rush every time you see an interesting commercial, the advertising world would be perfect for you to explore.

Advertising is informing the public and building a brand value for a certain product or service through effective communication, therefore building a relationship between the product and the consumer.An ideal person for an advertising job should be a good communicator, creative and should possess the ability to handle work pressures. One can either join an advertising agency or can join a production house to learn the knack of this field. An advertising agency generally has a client service division, copywriters and art directors. Whereas ad production houses have camera persons, director, writers, assistant directors, production team, editors and a whole unit to set up a full shooting area. Ad production houses need skilled people specialized in particular fields like photography, camera work etc.

“It is a good option for interested youngsters to join an advertising agency. They get to learn everything from scratch. A client service person gets to meet and understand the requirements of an array of clients. As a copywriter and graphic designer one gets to explore ones creativity to the fullest. Teamwork, motivation and dedication are the key factors that youngsters can learn at an early age”, says a client service executive.

In India there are numerous colleges offering good courses on advertising. A person interested in getting into client servicing or copywriting can look forward to a Mass communication degree or BA courses in advertising. There are various art and design courses, diploma and degree, for people interested in pursuing graphic designing. It is always advisable to make a portfolio of all your designs.

The salary structure is quite decent. One can start off at a junior level and then work towards reaching the top. Most advertising agencies take fresh graduates as interns for which they pay anything between Rs 3000 to Rs 6000 as stipend. The salaries at the starting level range from Rs. 10,000 to Rs. 15,000 per month. As you grow in the agency the salaries can shoot up to Rs. 40,000 per month.

“Most youngsters believe that they can earn quickly if they join an advertising agency as all they see is the glamour in this field. But there is a lot of hard work that goes into creating even a small print ad. You need to keep your clients happy and work in tandem with your team. The working hours can sometimes go haywire and if you can’t manage your time properly, you might get stressed out. So youngsters entering this field should be prepared to give their best and their full time to a demanding yet interesting and creative field as advertising”, advices a Senior Executive of an advertising firm.


- Ekta Bhatnagar (views expressed in the article are that of the author)


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