Career opportunities in newly emerging sectors


In the post-liberalization era, the Indian economy has continued to make serious inroads into the newly emerging sectors. In the 1990s the Indian economic growth story was led by the exports sector and the Information Technology sector. India has continued to march ahead in the I.T. sector in the 21st century, with major career opportunities for young women in the BPO, KPO, software development and mobile communication technology areas.

In addition to the I.T. and communications sector, there are several other emerging sectors where job and career opportunities are coming up for the young, education Indian women of today.

The Indian Labour Market Report 2009 brought out by Tata Institute of Social Sciences (TISS) says that Retail is the largest employer among emerging sectors in India, followed by construction and real estate. Hospitality and transportation sectors are also witnessing higher fresh recruitments as per the report, which is based on the findings of the National Sample Survey Organization (NSSO).

In fact, retail and wholesale sector and a few other industries are clearly reflecting an increase in employment opportunities for women for the last few years. In 2005, an increase of 7.8 percent was registered in retail and wholesale trade for women employment, 5.5 percent in finance, insurance and real estate services sector, 1.5 percent in construction, and 1.4 percent in community, social and personal services sector.
In September 2009, India’s first ever Green Job Fair was inaugurated in New Delhi by the Climate Project India, Sierra Club and SEWA. The Fair projects that India will witness investments of $150 billion over the next 10 years in green initiatives. It is bound to create new career opportunities in the sustainability sector. “We believe Green Jobs to be the next IT revolution of India. Large IT firms together employ less than a million people. That is the amount of jobs we can have in Bio Gas production alone,” said Gaurav Gupta, Director of the Climate Project India.

The scope of Green Jobs is going to be wide ranging in India. It would include research, technical and support jobs to develop and maintain cleaner fuel production such as nuclear energy, wind energy, solar energy and bio gas. It would also provide job opportunities for architects who design energy efficient buildings, engineers who develop alternative energy systems, environmental consultants advising the industries on pollution management, and even a rural woman practicing sustainable farming, or a plumber installing water-recycling systems in homes and commercial units.
Pharmaceuticals is another key area where global pharmaceutical giants are planning to expand their presence in India, and bolster their workforce. European and American pharmaceutical MNCs are scaling down their operations in the western markets, and increasingly looking at diverting their investments to the Indian market which is still in an emerging stage for pharmaceutical production and R&D.

RNCOS has recently brought out a new Market Research Report titled, “Booming Pharma Sector in India.” Pharmaceuticals has emerged as one of the leading industries in India, with the domestic market showing an unprecedented growth of around 9% in the financial year 2009. Emerging sectors like biogenerics and pharma packaging will also create new job opportunities in the coming years. 

Healthcare sector in India is also set to unleash major career opportunities for young people in the forthcoming years. The Indian healthcare sector is expected to grow at 23 percent annually to become a $77-billion industry by 2012, according to a report, jointly prepared by the Assocham and Yes Bank.

India also continues to make firm strides in the finance, insurance, banking, and media sectors. Massive investments at the central and state level are also expected over the next several years in Education and Infrastructure. These are the key areas where career opportunities are going to emerge for the young Indians of today.


- Vikas Vij (views expressed in the article are that of the author)