Corporate etiquette

Corporate etiquetteThe jump from college life to the corporate environment is a big one and it takes some time for the freshers to get used to it. The initial impression that the newcomers make on their first employer can have a long term effect in their careers. Hence, it is important that they present themselves in the right way from the very beginning. Creating this first impression includes introductions, interactions with colleagues, telephonic conversations, writing emails, dining etiquette and the art of dressing professionally. It is the responsibility of the HR professionals to educate the freshers on work etiquette as part of their induction programme as the majority of them are not industry- ready products.

A grooming expert says, “No individual is born with a sense of etiquette but learns it as they grow. In other words etiquette is acquired and organisations should train the freshers on how to act with ease and style in any business situation. If you are not sure of a particular thing it is advised that you ask your peers. Be a good listener and accept criticisms in the right spirit. In this way you will create a healthy relationship with your seniors that will help you during appraisals and securing a good reference when you finally quit the company.”

“Be punctual as far as possible. If you are late to work for some unavoidable reasons inform your reporting manager about it. Remember to dress appropriately for you represent the company. Pay attention to small accessories like ties, belts and socks. Maintain table manners while on a business lunch”, advices an image consultant.

Further to this a communications specialist adds, “during interactions at the workplace do not yawn or keep glancing at your watch. These indicate that you are not interested in the conversation. Maintain eye contact. Always sound courteous and professional on the telephone. Return calls promptly to whoever it might be. You should also be meticulous while writing emails. Make the subject line precise and choose your words carefully. It is good to use the spelling & grammar checker before you click the send button. Do not speak in your mother tongue with any of your colleagues specially if there is a third person who cannot understand it”,

By observing common courtesy and good manners, newcomers can impress not only their boss but everyone around them in the workplace. This will add to their credentials and help them climb up the corporate ladder.


- Ranjita Chattopadhyay (views expressed in the article are that of the author)


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