Money is the biggest factor in campus placements

money“It is more important to me that I choose the company which offers the highest pay package, the sector is less of a concern” admits Krish, an engineering student. “I want an I-banking job for a few years as the money is awesome, then I will decide about what I actually need” says Ananya, an MBA student.

Students like Krish and Ananya are commonplace these days, be it in any stream of study. An increasing number of college pass-outs are putting more emphasis on the monetary aspect while choosing their career, neglecting the areas they fit in best. This trend and its aftereffects have, many a times, lead to repentance, even frustration among students.

For many students, the lines between different streams often get blurred when it comes to joining a company of their choice. A case in point is the IT industry and the Financial Services industry. Students from top engineering institutes often vie for the companies in the banking and finance sector, due to better compensations by them. The same goes true for IT companies which recruit in large numbers from colleges irrespective of the specialization of the candidate.

Institutes have set up counseling centres for students to help them take a thoughtful decision regarding their career. Some colleges have changed the placement process to better reflect the academic realities and make sure that students don’t make choices in haste. In spite of these measures, money continues to be the biggest factor in campus placements.

Such choices have often lead to resentment among incompatible employees, which, with the investment on training students, has caused financial losses to companies as well.

It is therefore important for a student to focus on his strengths and explore more about the offered job profile to ensure a better fit within a company. Sensible - and not impulsive - decisions count the most.


- Sumeet Seth (views expressed in the article are that of the author)


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