What interviewers look for in prospective candidates

What interviewers look for in prospective candidatesCracking an interview involves meeting the expectations of the interview panel. Under such circumstances you need to specifically know what interviewers want from prospective candidates and prepare yourself thoroughly for the same. Apart from a solid grasp of technicalities, there are few other things that almost all interviewers across industries look for in their future employees.

An HR executive working in a BPO explains, “As an interviewer I try to assess whether the particular candidate is a smart worker. Before the interview one should do an exhaustive study of the company. For this purpose, the candidate can visit the company website or talk to a friend who is currently working there. Annual reports are another source of gathering information about the company. Again he should read the job description well and be aware of what the position demands. Since most of the work revolves around teams I also try to find out whether the candidate has the potential to gel well with others. For example, I ask him to describe any group activities that he may be involved in college. Moreover, his facial expressions and gestures should portray the confidence he has in himself.”

It is important that the interviewee report to the venue on time, dress appropriately for the occasion and behave professionally. A positive attitude and enthusiasm will impress the interviewers above everything else. A software engineer says, “Interviewers always appreciate honest candidates. So try to be straight forward and avoid exaggerating your accomplishments. Some common questions which most interviewers would ask fresh graduates include a brief description of yourself, your strengths and weaknesses, career plans, internships, what qualities you have in you to be hired, why you want to join the particular organization among others. You should also prepare some examples where you can demonstrate your time management skills, willingness to learn and your ability to quickly adapt to changes. Avoid using just a yes or no for an answer. Make sure you express your views clearly on a particular issue. The more you speak the more the interviewer will get to know about you. If you do not have knowledge on a particular field you should not try to beat about the bush.”

Knowing what interviewers look for in prospective employees and preparing yourself accordingly will enable you to project yourself as a superior candidate. So just shed all your nervousness, put in your best and land that dream job in no time.


- Ranjita Chattopadhyay (views expressed in the article are that of the author)


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