Sewing, embroidery and related workers

Duties and tasks

  • Removing stitches from garments to be altered, using rippers or razor blades
  • Sewing or gluing decorative trimmings to articles such as hats, caps or other millinery
  • Trimming ends with scissors to make mended portions look uniform with pattern of cloth
  • Patching holes, sewing tears and ripped seams, or darning defects in items, using needle and thread
  • Embroidering ornamental designs on cloth by hand or machine, using needle and coloured threads
  • Sewing ornamental designs by hand over stamped, printed or stencilled patterns on fabric, using needle and coloured thread
  • Repairing defective or damaged portions of cloths or garments by hand, using matching thread and needle
  • Selecting thread according to specifications or colour of parts, or dyeing thread to match colour and shade of cloth to be darned
  • Softening leather or shoe material with water to prepare it for sewing
  • Fabricating and assembling thick cloth, canvas and similar materials into sails, awning, tarpaulins and tents
  • Pulling knots to the wrong sides of garments, using hooks
  • Hand-sewing umbrella covers to frames, tacking cover to ribs along seams, sewing corners to tips of ribs and sewing ties to outside of cover to hold umbrella when folded

    Skill level