Juggling work and festivity

Juggling work and festivity “Deadlines at work to meet, a marriage at home as well as the upcoming festive season is keeping me on my toes”, says a busy media professional.Critical needs at work as well as social gathering at home and outside with your relatives and friends during the festive season can take a toll on your time. But managing your time between work and social bonding should be the key to a happy and successful work and festive season.

If you are planning to take some days off from work, do so only after consulting your colleagues at work and seniors. You must see whether there are any important assignments or meetings coming up during the festive season that might want your personal attention.

“Many working women, mostly who stay in joint families, often have the trouble to juggle their work life when dealing with the festive season. They need to fulfil the needs at home. There is also a pressure from family as it is the woman who is supposed to handle the festivities at home and social gatherings. So they find it difficult to juggle work pressure during that time. It is very important for the lady to gain support, cooperation and confidence from their family members. Make them believe in you- if you say you are going to take 4 days off from work, then do so after checking all your priorities at work. But it is essential to give enough time to both activities and not neglect one for the other”, advices a HR professional.

Many organizations also allow women to have the liberty of working from home for a few days. And with today’s technology anyone can work from anywhere at any point of time. The key here is to be open to your senior as well as to your family.

It is essential to take out time for yourself and to sit down and think for yourself- which festive days are more important and cannot be held without you and on which days you can share the responsibility with your relatives, spouse, parents and friends and do justice to your official work too. There has to be a balance of both. One cannot keep working and ignore one’s social and home life and neither can one expect to have a job and not give your time to it. The time has come to think and decide your steps and enjoy a wonderful festive season ahead.


- Ekta Bhatnagar (views expressed in the article are that of the author)


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