Women as bookkeepers

Women as bookkeepers Bookkeepers basically keep records of a firm’s financial transactions. It includes keeping a track of accounts payable and accounts receivable, updating the balance sheet, preparing payrolls and tax schedules, among others. It is in fact a very crucial position as it enables an organization to monitor its financial health on a regular basis. When carried out effectively the company ultimately gets to know whether it has generated profit or has suffered a loss. A bookkeeper’s bulk of work of course depends on the size of the company concerned.

The basic qualification that is required to be a bookkeeper is a high school education with some knowledge of finance and accounting. However a candidate with an undergraduate degree or above has a better chance as far as career growth is concerned and is also likely to earn more. With the coming up of paperless offices today it has become mandatory for bookkeepers to be comfortable using the computers. Many companies hire candidates with an aptitude for mathematics and train them on the job.

Bookkeeping is an occupation that is suitable for females for it allows them the much needed flexibility to achieve work - life balance. It is one of the few career options where most companies allow their employees to work from home. Under such circumstances they can set their own schedules and work according to their own convenience. It is a desk job and requires minimal or no travel. In fact many organizations are outsourcing their bookkeeping activities to individuals or smaller business houses for the purpose of cost-cutting. Women can make use of this opportunity as well. Since this function is of vital importance to the company, bookkeepers get recognition very easily for a job well done. It is after all well known that recognition is to some extent a better motivating factor in females than in males.

The qualities required to become a good bookkeeper are perhaps more noticed in women than in men. It is important to be patient and give attention to minute details. A high level of concentration is required as a small mistake will make the work all the more tedious and time consuming. Excellent written and oral communication skills is a prerequisite in this profession as writing mails, making phone calls and client interaction is a part and parcel of this job.

Whether big or small, businesses cannot ignore the importance of bookkeepers. Bookkeeping is a challenging and highly satisfying career option for females that enables them to strike a balance between their personal and professional lives very smoothly.


- Ranjita Chattopadhyay (views expressed in the article are that of the author)


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