November 17 - International Students Day
Decision for Life Campaign Event
Venue: Faculty of Arts, Delhi University, Delhi

Organised by UNITES Professionals in cooperation with Paycheck India Project At IIM-A, ITUC, UNI, and WageIndicator Foundation

On the event of International Student’s Day, a program to propagate the Decisions for life project amongst students in Delhi University was organized and carried successfully. The event comprised of putting up an information stall in the campus area and spread as much of awareness about the Project and the concerned issues as possible.

The International Student’s Day signifies the Right of freedom of opinion and expression, for the right to education. The world we live in deprives millions of young people of formal education. For those with access to some sort of education, the contents and possibilities of accessing wide and deep knowledge is gradually narrowed by privatization or increase in cost of education, particularly at the highest levels. This in turn does not equip most of the youth with adequate knowledge or resources to take up vocations and sustain their livelihood. They are not well prepared or aware of the opportunities they may encounter in the coming future. On this day, for its historical meaning and relevance, the opportunity was seized to make the young female students aware of the Project - DECISIONS FOR LIFE.

While keeping this in mind, the idea was to acquaint female students in the university, pursuing their post graduation, about their rights as future employees and as being women per se - what better opportunity to maneuver the thoughts and vision of the future nation builders and mobilizing them into a prolific direction!

 In view of that, it was decided that an information stall would be put up that would disseminate information about student and work related issues, and in that light acquaint the students about the Project – about its vision and mission.

DFL 17th Nov Event - Delhi1

For this, the venue preferred was the Faculty of Arts, Delhi University, Delhi. The Faculty in the campus facilitates the dissemination of postgraduate lectures and other cultural activities, and so was thought to be the ideal place to reach out students who would leap into the workforce within no time. The event was commenced right after the first lecture in the Faculty concluded, i.e. 11:00 AM and was carried on until 2:00 PM (official lunch timing in the University).

The idea of putting up an information stall originated through brainstorming with the campaign members. After seeking an approval from UNITES and Paycheck India Team, the work was extended to decide upon an appropriate venue, how to approach the concerned authorities, the budget, and other resource concerns. This was followed by asking for permission from the University authorities to go ahead with an event like this within the Faculty premises. Once this was accomplished, the work was progressed into getting the Event Material readied – banners were printed, handouts were prepared, and other stationery was readied. A strict budget of Rs.1200/- was observed.


  • Setting up a stall, acquiring permission was difficult, but was managed well in time.
  • Initially the students were quite skeptical to seek information about the Project, only a few were forthcoming. But with time, a lot of students came and participated
  • The participants seemed to be interested about the Project and were perceptive of our agenda. They showed interest and came up to us to get details regarding the project.
  • Most of the students agreed on the basic issues faced by working women and were pleased to know of such a forum that would provide them with details regarding their rights at the work place.
  • Plenty of students wanted to get further information through workshops and seminars and were looking forward to being invited
  • The Project attracted the attention of not only female students, but also males who asked for information regarding the project for their female friends or siblings.
  • It was realized that its easier to reach out to the students in a mass gathering
  • Material disseminated could have been better; material with better and practical usage like bookmarks, pens, etc. could also have been included.

 DFL 17th Nov Event - Delhi2

In short, the event was concluded with a success and the necessary material was distributed amongst students. The event managed to address their queries and the purpose of introducing the project to the young women at the university, most of who shall be out in the world within no time, looking for jobs soon. The keen interest displayed by the students was overwhelming and we look forward to getting into various alliances that would facilitate these young women to make an “informed” covenant out of their career opportunities.