IT Programmers

Job profile: A programmer is someone who writes computer software to make the computer a lot easier to use. IT programmers translate specifications for new or modified computer systems, applications or networks into specified units or program specifications. They write, test and maintain detailed instructions called programs that computers must follow to perform their functions. They also conceive, design and test logical structures for solving problems by computers.

Programmers write programs according to the specifications determined primarily by software engineers and systems analysts. After the design process is complete, the programmer converts the design into a logical series of instructions that the computer can follow. Many programmers update, repair, modify and expand existing programs. Programmers are often grouped into two broad types: application programmer and systems programmer. Their duties and responsibilities include developing programs and softwares for different clients, maintain existing programs, analysing, reviewing and rewriting programs.

Educational qualifications: Generally a degree in Computer Science, IT, software engineering, systems engineering are the required qualifications to be an IT programmer.  MCA degree or equivalent is another qualification that is accepted by employer. Today companies are also experimenting with graduates who are provided special training and placed on the job.


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