Mines Act, 1952

The Mines Act, 1952 was enacted to enforce for measures of safety and welfare of labourers working in coal, metallic, ferrous and oil mines.

Work Hours, Intervals and Night Shift

The Act prohibits employment of any women in any part of a mine which is below-ground and on ground, except between the hours 6 a.m. and 7 p.m. It also provides that every women employed in a mine above ground shall be allowed break of not less than 11 hours between the end of day work and the commencement of the next day of work . (Section 46)

Safety Measures

The Mines Act, 1952 provides for safety measures for labourers working in coal, metallic, ferrous, and oil mines while working with shafts, opencast workings, conveyors or aerial ropeways, etc. (Section 57)


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