Plantation Labour Act, 1951

The Act aims at providing for the welfare of plantation labour, and to regulate the conditions of work. It applies to any land used or intended to be used for growing tea, coffee, rubber, cinchona or cardamom or any other plant which measures 5 hectares or more and in which 15 or more workers are employed on any day of the preceding 12 months.

Night Shift and women

The Act bans employment of any women or child in any plantation between 7 p.m. to 6 a.m. except without permission of the State Government. But it specifically exempts from its purview women who are employed in any plantation as midwives and nurses. (Section 25)

Sickness and Maternity Benefits

The Act makes provisions in respect of grant of sickness and maternity benefit in the form of allowance in case of confinement or expected confinement on production of sickness certificate issued by a certified medical practioner. The benefit will be provided at a rate and for such period as prescribed by State Government.

Further, the Act provides that a woman resuming her work after delivery is entitled to 2 breaks daily for nursing her child till the child is 15 months old. These breaks are to be in addition to the regular rest intervals. (Section 32)

Creche Facility

The Act also stipulates for providing crèche facilities in plantations where on any day in preceding 12 months 15 or more women workers were employed or the number of children (below the age of 6 years) of women workers is 20 or more. (Section 12)


Disclaimer: This section provides only a brief of Indian legislation and should not be considered as legal advice.


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