Talk Hard, Get More

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Do not ask for less, just because you are a woman. Do not ask for more, because you need the money.

Ask for the right salary or the right raise, because you are worth it.

By not negotiating their salaries, many women sacrifice a lot of money that rightly belongs to them. Unfortunately, women employees inflict the loss on themselves everywhere in the world, whether it is in India or the USA.

"Women leave a lot of money on the table," says Linda Babcock, the Carnegie Mellon University economics professor who also co-authored the book, Women Don't Ask. Women who do negotiate for more are still seen as pushy, even by today's younger generation. But women can negotiate cooperatively rather than competitively, she says.

Indians are generally considered to be apologetic about asking for more money. So, if Indian men are badly placed, Indian women are worse off.

Some tips for negotiating the right salary for you:

  • Justify your expectations with your job achievements and skill sets.
  • Salary is only a part of the compensation package that includes health care benefits, stock options, quarterly salary review instead of yearly, education allowances, relocating allowance, a company car, and travel costs. Ask for what you deserve.
  • Exude confidence Be clear, upfront, lean forward, and make eye contact.. If you slouch and grope for words, it will convey the impression that you are not sure of yourself.
  • Never accept outright what is offered to you. Employers always keep a 10 percent margin for negotiations. Also, settle for the salary offered, only if the company is excellent with good growth prospects.
  • How to dress for an interview-- traditional or Western?   Your choice of the dress should be dictated by the weather, company and post you have applied for and then comfort. In India, the women can go either for the traditional saree or the salwar kameez. Since Western wear is becoming more and more popular in India, pants and matching shirts and blouses are also okay.