Women and Figures

All about the number of working women in India, their salaries, compensation and salary information.

Surprises remain even as India emerges a modern nation: more women work in the country side than women in the urban areas.

For every five men workers, there are double women in the countryside than in the urban areas.

Women constitute almost half of India’s population-- larger than the combined population of the USA, Canada and the Russian Federation.

According to the last census conducted in 2001, women number 481 million in India’s total population of 1000 million.

But the figures change dramatically in the work force. Of the 402 million working people in India, 275 million are men. Women comprise only 127 million workers.

In the urban areas, there are almost 92 million workers in the urban areas. Men account for 76 million and women 16 million.

It means that in the urban areas there is one woman for every five men who work.

In the rural areas there is a 311 million-strong workforce. Men number 199 million and women 111 million.

It means that in the rural areas, there are two women for every five men who work.

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