Appraisals- A mode of achieving progressive work

Appraisals- A mode of achieving progressive workSomething that you await for the whole year, yet you dread it when it finally arrives- Appraisals! An appraisal is the process adopted by organizations to evaluate the job performances of its employees over a period of time. It can be yearly or bi-annually, as the policy of the company. The appraisal process, when started by Taylor’s ‘Time and Motion’ study was only linked with increase in wages. As time went by the process became wider and included serious interactions between the evaluator and the employee. It is now used as a tool for developmental activities of employees, as a motivational tool for morale and self esteem, for identifying the better performing employees from the non-performing ones and as a result - a tool to promote, demote, increase or decrease the salaries.

Employees eagerly wait for appraisals to know what fruits their year long work commitment has borne. Sometimes employees do not get the desired results. They can’t help but feel bitter about the organization and the work structure. Some employees in dilemma become jittery as soon as the appraisal period comes closer. It is the duty of the management and HR professionals to see to it that the appraisals evaluate the true worth of the employees. “Appraisals are a fair way to evaluate employees if done without bias and on regular basis or else there are chances of creating bitterness among employees. Appraisal blues are very common among employees but if one is honest, committed to work, supported by his/her senior in appreciation and constructive criticism, then one can remain calm about the process. The key evaluators in a performance appraisal should be TFCCP, i.e., Transparency, Fairness, Constructive Criticism and Periodicity”, says the Vice President- Marketing of a company.

Employee interaction and constant feedback play a vital role in curbing appraisal blues. Discussions with your team regarding salaries, work pressure, dilemma, growth and action plan ensure continuous feedback and hence put an employee in a comfortable position with his/ her seniors. “The key is to make the employee satisfied with the appraisal format. Pleasing every individual employee is difficult but the management can work towards it by understanding employee grievances and having an open door policy which in turn would help improve the manager-subordinate relationships. On the other hand, even employees need to be proactive, sort out issues which might be bothering them and the most important - be true and dedicated to their work”, says a HR professional.

While most companies follow a yearly appraisal process many companies have now started having appraisals from time to time to keep a tab on its employees and their performances. This might sound better as any issue can be sorted out immediately leading to improvisation in the work. A healthy relationship with all employees, constant feedback and interaction would keep the stress levels at bay and would result in progressive work.


- Ekta Bhatnagar (views expressed in the article are that of the author)


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