Exploring a different path

Exploring a different pathThere was a time when every job aspirant eagerly awaited to get that dream job in the corporate world which promised them high pay packages. But with the meltdown hitting hard, cost cutting, pink slips being given randomly; the scenario and the mindset of job aspirants is slowly changing. It is not a surprise to see some of the employees bidding adios to their “secured corporate jobs” and entering the world of social service.

NGOs or Non Government Organizations are non profit, voluntary groups run by individuals for intended, specific social causes in various parts of the world, country and areas. NGOs try and solve social problems thus working towards the development and betterment of the society. NGO’s are connected with the government or private sector firms.

Gone are the days when the NGO sector was considered boring and only for socialites who have the funds for donations. People usually stayed away from joining this sector because of less money as compared to their jobs in corporates. Be it doctors, engineers, MBA’s or Chartered accountants, today people are slowly and steadily becoming keen to try their hands in this sector. The pay package of a good NGO starts between Rs. 12000/- to Rs. 15000/- per month for a fresher. It can increase to Rs. 30,000/- or even Rs. 50,000 at the higher levels. Not that all NGO’s pay less but an internationally recognized NGO pays its employees good money along with other benefits too.

Most professional NGO’s also offer good work environment; challenging work scenario and the most important - helps develop a different perspective towards life and society. “I completed my graduation in Social work and have been working in a NGO since the past 3 years now. I have many friends in the corporate sector; most of them have been hit by the global recession with no appraisals or increments this year. I could have easily joined a corporate and earned twice of what I am earning now. But the satisfaction that you get by working at the ground level would not have been the same. We do get resumes of good and qualified people who want to leave their corporate jobs and work with NGO’s.

Its good to see that the mindset is changing as NGO’s need such skillful personnel to work with”, says a young executive from a leading NGO in Mumbai. There are also many organizations that have Corporate Social Responsibility, CSR as one of their activities towards the society. It sure keeps employees engaged, giving them a chance to be socially aware. An individual can join a NGO and get a first hand experience of working at the ground level and then later on, they can go ahead and join the CSR league of a corporate. With a first hand experience from a NGO you would be the perfect choice of a corporate looking to do some social activity.

Joining a NGO is one of the best ways to test your competency levels and to keep your mind working. You need to come up with innovative ideas all the time keeping in touch with your emotional self. A job with a NGO requires greater dedication and hard work as your work would reflect the betterment of the cause that you are supporting. It gives an individual the satisfaction of seeing ones work bear fruits- whether it is in terms of providing education to the underprivileged or plantation of more trees.


- Ekta Bhatnagar (views expressed in the article are that of the author)


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