Giving effective presentations

Preparing yourself before going for an overseas assignmentGiving presentations is as much a part of your college curriculum as it is in the corporate world. However, you need to make sure that you are highly meticulous and professional while delivering presentations in your organization. The basics are of course the same in both cases but you have to be particular about details and strictly adhere to them.

A communications specialist says, “Making a positive first impression is essential to capture the interest of your audience. You should assimilate your ides in a simple manner that is easy to understand. Also keep the time factor in mind. However the mode in which you deliver is perhaps more important than the actual content. Rehearse as much as possible and be prepared to tactfully answer questions posed by the audience. In order to gain confidence you can practice by standing in front of the mirror. Pay attention to your facial expressions and gestures. Before your talk you can even record your voice in a tape recorder and hear yourself speak. Then modulate your voice, if necessary. You can also practice in front of some friends and ask for their feedback. Then correct yourself accordingly.”

It is a good idea to arrive at the presentation venue before the stipulated time and check out if everything is in order. After all you will not want your laptop or the projector to play spoilsport during the session. A sales professional advises, “No matter how much nervous you may feel you should not show it to the audience. Have confidence in yourself. Speak clearly and maintain eye contact. A flushed face, shaky hands or a lifeless voice will indicate that you are not feeling comfortable. The audience may comprise of your team leader, manager or even your client. Still there is no need to panic. Remember that you have been selected to deliver the talk because you are the most competent of the lot. Try to make your session interactive so that the listeners do not get bored. At the end it is general courtesy to thank and invite your audience to write in their feedback. Just have faith in yourself and put in your best. Make sure you deliver your talk in such a manner so that the listeners retain what they learn during the session.”

Careful preparation and confidence is all that is required in giving effective presentations. Do your homework properly and you are sure to succeed.


- Ranjita Chattopadhyay (views expressed in the article are that of the author)


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