Job search dilemma

Job search dilemmaDesperate times do not necessarily mean that you become desperate and take certain actions which you might regret later. There are several job seekers who, out of sheer desperation take up certain jobs that may not be at par with their skill sets and they end up being in a soup!

It is very important to work with the ‘right’ employer as only if you do so, that your skill sets gets polished, your talents are nurtured and you give your best at your job. It is essential for people who have been in the corporate world and are seeking new opportunities and all the more important for those youngsters who might, in desperation to compete with their peers, land up in a ‘bad’ job.

Today, time has come when people who are looking for a change have limited options in the job market. This sometimes instigates them to take up jobs out of sheer desperation. These job offers are not properly analysed, the employers are not well evaluated by the job seeker and then one gets into trouble.

“Desperation for a job can be a mix of many phenomena. For youngsters, it is the excitement of getting in their first job, their first salary and they might not consider looking for good and worthy jobs to be important. Youngsters apply to as many companies as possible because their mind is thinking about experience and money. Another form of desperation is for those employees who have lost their jobs. It is the difficulty in adjusting with economic hardships as well as free time that calls for desperate measures from their side to land up in any kind of a job”, says a HR professional.

It is very important for the prospective employer to have patience and trust his/her own skill sets as there is always a demand for the right person in the market. Even if you settle for a low paying job, it has to pay justice to your qualifications and skills. One should look for job opportunities where one has good scope for growth, freedom to take decisions, freedom to take new initiatives, a good work culture etc. The employer or the organization may belong to a medium or a small sector but it should have well set and defined goals and objectives and should lay down one’s job profile according to their skill sets.

One should be optimistic and keep looking until they get that job which gives him/her full justice. It is very important to be a continuous learner and ready to accept challenges in life. A job seeker should spend proper time in job searches and look at the pros and cons of every organization they are applying to. Build a social network, tell your peers that you are looking for a job and this will definitely help you in the long run.


- Ekta Bhatnagar (views expressed in the article are that of the author)


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