The indispensable employee

Indispensable employee“It was when she left that we really started missing her. She was a pack of energy, a real go getter and the one who used to stand up for her own team and lead them efficiently. But she left our organization for another good opportunity. One has to move on in life and who wouldn’t want such a brilliant employee like her”, says a media professional who misses one of her team leaders.

What makes certain people so special that when they leave an organization they are terribly missed? These employees are nothing but indispensable and no matter whoever replaces them, there will be a vacuum left by these irreplaceable employees.

For indispensable employees, success at work means standing above the rest - but yet they are always working and are among the best of the employees. “Anyone can become an indispensable employee if he / she loves the job they are in. Such an employee always performs exceptionally well, is a team player, is a good leader, is an excellent communicator, who works hard for the benefit of the organization, who is the spokesperson for the team, completes all the duties diligently and always scores high on performance appraisals”, says a senior HR executive. One has to have the thirst to work hard, have an eye for detail and perfection, have good social contacts and networks, have good rapport and relation with everyone in the organization- a fit with the culture of the organization and most importantly- always work towards achieving the goals of the organization.

But the real test of an indispensable employee happens during a time of difficulty or a crisis situation. During these times, an employee is tested to his / her maximum - of whether they keep their cool and keep working towards organizational goals or whether they leave the organization in a jiffy. An organization also comes to know which employee is the most bankable during such crisis situations. It is a positive attitude and the attitude of giving your best shot that counts in the longer run.

To become a good employee doesn’t mean that you have to be indispensable. Every good employee, one who has been for a long time in the company, does leave a void when he / she goes for greener pastures. But the other members should not take this negatively and continue to work and give their best shot at their own jobs. Every good and hardworking employee is indispensable for an organization and one just needs to hone their own qualities and grow in their own jobs.


- Ekta Bhatnagar (views expressed in the article are that of the author)


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