Cash limits enhanced for Karnataka Govt. employees

Every government servant has to give a notification to a prescribed authority whenever they materialize any cash transaction, like money lending, borrowing or simply taking money, from a friend or an acquaintance. The norms regarding the same were last set in 1966. Accordingly, the limit was insignificantly set at Rs 2,000 for Grade A and B employees, and Rs 1,000 for Grade B and C employees. Karnataka State Government Employees Association presented a demand to the state government through the Joint Consultative Machinery (JCM) to raise these limits.  

In deliberation with the same, limits are now being enhanced upwards. The process of amending the provisions of the Karnataka Civil Services (Conduct) Rules, 1966, has reached final stages. This will enable Group-A and Group-B officers to receive upto Rs 10,000, while Group-C and Group-D Rs 5,000 in cash, other than their salary and allowances. The norms for accepting gifts have also been eased.




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