Couples in government jobs' entitlement to House Rent Allowance

The Calcutta High Court has positively responded to the issue of entitlement to House Rent Allowance (HRA) where both husband and wife are government employees. It has ruled that, where any of them is deputed at a “reasonable distance” away from the other, then both of them are entitled to HRA.

At present, where both the spouse are government employees, then only one of them is entitled to draw HRA if the distance between their workplaces is not more than 250 km.

Justice Biswanath Somadder, considering country’s underdeveloped transport system and infrastructure facilities held that, it is difficult for a person to travel round 500 km in a day to reach his workplace and back home.

The Court holding the 250 km norm to be impractical held that, the government should redraw the HRA policy and substitute the words “reasonable distance” in place of the 250 km, or should fix a reasonable distance from home to the workplace.



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