Government denies LTA to employee using car

The Central Government has passed a notification to the effect that an employee who uses personal car or taxi as mode of transport cannot avail Leave Travel Allowance (LTA). It was specified that the LTA facility would be admissible only in respect of journeys made in vehicles “operated by the government or any corporation in the public sector run by the Central government, state government or a local body”. Also, no claim can be made exceeding that for the journey performed by the entitled class by rail or air.

However, the rule is relaxed for those employees who are handicapped or have a dependent family member who is handicapped or disabled. Such employees will have to take a medical certificate from the competent authority. Besides this, they also need to give an undertaking that the journey in authorized mode is not feasible and thus, they are compelled to undertake the journey by own car or private taxis.




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