Paycheck India in News - Year 2008

IIM-A to assess jobs' decency level

AHMEDABAD: Your pay may be good, but is your job decent? That’s the question IIM-A would pose to executives. The exercise is aimed at making an employee understand certain aspects of his worklife that he usually tends to ignore. So, aspects like freedom of expression, productivity, and gender equality go under the head ‘decency’.

IIM-A will look after the Indian leg of the international project that aims to help an employee assess his worklife vis-a-vis his counterparts in other countries and find out how fair and enjoyable it is. The project is part of a larger project being carried out by Wage Indicator Foundation, a non-profit organisation associated with University of Amsterdam that will help an employee compare his salary with those of his counterparts in other cities, organisations and countries, through a website,

Now, a person may log onto decentworkcheck .org and use a series of questions to assess his work situation and compare it with international practices. The project is also simultaneously being carried out in South Africa and The Netherlands.

“The idea behind the project is to promote the feeling of ‘decent work’ among employees across all sectors and make people appreciate such aspects of a job that make it fair and acceptable,’’ said professor of personnel and industrial relations at IIM-A , Biju Varkkey, who is behind the Indian chapter of the project.

While aspects such as ‘productive work,’ ‘job security,’ ‘fair income,’ ‘social protection ,’ ‘career development,’ and ‘gender equality’ help measure a decent work, the project aims to explore certain aspects of decent work from employees’ perspective in Indian work situation, added Mr Varkkey.

An earlier global study on wage indicator data reveals that on an average, 4 out of 10 employees work more hours than agreed upon in their contracts and half of them are not compensated for the extra hour they put in. Employees around the globe find their work mentally and physically exhausting. The data compares decent work standards of 3,50,000 employees across 11 countries in Europe, Latin America and Africa.

Source: The Economic Times


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