Emerging career opportunities for freshers in India’s aviation sector


You can aim for the unexplored, the unveiled, and the spaces above and beyond. You can step up to create an entire new track in this sector. This is one spot which absorbs everything. That’s what aviation industry has to offer.

It conquers a vast range of job opportunities, varying from Airplane Services to the Ground Level jobs. Although some more popular options such as Pilot and Air Hostess, glamorize the whole sector; the other lesser known but, exquisite job profiles also exist.

One can opt for career in primary fields such as:

●  Aviator or Pilot
●  Air Hostess or Flight Attendant
●  Cabin Crew
●  Aeronautics Engineer
●  Airport Staff
●  Reservation & Marketing
●  Customer Support
●  Air Traffic Controller

Here, it’s clearly visible that the chief tasks revolve around a safe and structured air-borne journey for the passengers. It starts with the designing & manufacturing of an aircraft, then comes the marketing geniuses who give a viable face to the launch, deal with customers & handle ticketing, it then goes on to the flying mechanism, along with the hospitality catered during the flight, and involves equally the hidden faces working as ground staff who help in smooth running of the airport activities, such as security, baggage handling, other miniscule tasks; and finally, the people sitting high up in the air & monitoring the traffic above.

Again, a riveting concept called Liberalization, has generated a secondary alley for job seekers. Aviation in India has achieved great heights and, thus has brought forth some newer lines of course, such as flight instructor, human resource managers, legal bodies to keep a check on regulatory policies, technicians for maintenance, cargo handlers and corporate sales executives to deal with purchases & finances.

Besides these, some unconventional domains are chef & medical help, which are required 24×7, both, on ground and in air. Some sidelining businesses also see a boom in the form of tours & travel agents, hotels to accommodate tourists, airport canteens and on-call taxi services. For a sure-footed entry into this arena, training from a respectable institute is a must. There is an adept school for the same, in each major city in India. Two such high profile institutes are Indian Institute of Aeronautics, New Delhi and Indira Gandhi Rashtriya Udan Academy, Rae Bareilly, Uttar Pradesh. The degree holders are then directed to eminent companies like Air India, Kingfisher Airlines, Indian Airlines, Jet Airways, some other private & international airlines; and also private firms dealing with logistics.

The eligibility to apply for different field differs. For a control and operations based task, Science background is essential. However, for a non-technical job, graduation with a relevant degree is sufficed. The work allotment is done based on skills, interest & knowledge. Some tasks also demand well-groomed & articulate staff.

The salary & perks in the aviation sector have always created a buzz. For a technical job, the remuneration is far more than the non-technical job. The other deciding factors are qualifications and personality traits.

In these high-flying times of boost in tourism, aviation in India is a much coveted workplace. (1)


- Suniet Bezbaroowa (views expressed in the article are that of the author)


(1) http://www.vfreshers.com/aviation-jobs-in-india


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