New career avenues for youngsters

New career avenues for youngstersGone are the days when children were asked what they want to become when they grow up and the answer would be a “Doctor or engineer”. Today youngsters are much more in sync with the new age professions and their own talents and are happily avoiding the trodden paths. New courses, specialized fields and an opportunity to pursue one’s dreams is what today’s generation of students and education is all about.

When asked about this new era a senior HR professional and a visiting B-school faculty said, “Unfortunately, in India, we have a very rigid education system. But times are changing and some good courses have come up in recent times. Management in health care, Management in Public relations, Bachelors in Mass Media, Hospitality Management, and Masters in Social work are just some of them. Students now are also looking at teaching as a long term career option. Young minds are also venturing into the entrepreneurial world and starting up their own small companies. This is the new face of India”.

There are a number of upcoming new courses which hold huge scope for the future.Hospitality management or Hotel management and catering is one of them. The food sector can never be out of style. Though it involves a lot of manual work, as more and more theme restaurants are becoming popular many students are now opting this as a career opportunity.

Gone are those days when professionals used to think that social work is a low paying job. This is a booming sector with better pays and more professionals entering into this field. A BA or an MA in social service can get one to join a good NGO or even a corporate.

If you are a fitness freak and love sports you can also opt for a bachelor’s degree in physical education. The job opportunities are booming as more people are becoming fitness conscious. One can become a sports instructor at school and college level or even a gym instructor. Besides this there is also a demand for qualified yoga professionals as more people are looking towards yogic healing. There are certificate, bachelors and even masters courses in yoga therapy.

A career in adventure sports is for all those daredevils who love thrill and action. There are a few courses offering adventure sports but you need to be physically and mentally fit for them and have to be ready for any situation. One can become a qualified trainer as well.
For a career in environmental science or wildlife conservation one needs to have a B.Sc in biological science to further go ahead and do a Masters in wildlife, biology or conservation. With the change in the climatic conditions and biodiversity education, there is a lot of demand for researchers. One can even join a corporate as an environmentalist.

An increase in the number of travel and tourism companies has raised the demand for trained professionals in the sector. There are various post graduate courses in travel and tourism. The companies also need specialized managers in various roles like human resource, destination planning and customer care.


- Ekta Bhatnagar (views expressed in the article are that of the author)


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