World Day against Child Labour

EVERY YEAR on June 12, the world community celebrates World Day against Child Labour. In recent years, various specialised agencies and non-government organisations (NGOs) have placed child labour high among their concerns. India accounts for the second highest number in the world in terms of child labour while Africa accounts for the highest.

While experts blame the system, poverty, illiteracy, adult unemployment; yet the fact remains that it is a serious and extensive problem. Many children under the age of fourteen work in carpet making factories, glass blowing units, making fireworks, agriculture, domestic help, etc. According to the statistics given by Indian government there are 20 million child labourers in the country. 

Paycheck India found out from its members on Linkedin and Facebook their opinion regarding Child Labour in India and how it can be eradicated.


How can child labour be eradicated in India? Kindly give your suggestions.

Responses from Facebook members:

“Its not a small issue. Tough to tackle the problem until and unless we think globally and act locally. These children should get aware of there childhood playing days and must be educated to at least O level. Education would be key in eradicating child labour in India.”

--Nidhi Singh

“I guess it would help when serious action is taken to diminish the negative effects of the caste system. Secondly, education is crucial for kids to give them hope for the future and self esteem”.

--Sandra Blok

Responses from our Linkedin Members:

“Society to condemn, Individual to avoid, Government illegalize, Corporate to seize child labour. This would help reducing child labour in India”

-- Pradosh mishra

“We have to set our "target" right. We have to target "organised child labour” because unorganised and domestic child labour can't be eradicated easily in a developing nation like India. Society should report and police should act fast against the companies which employ child labour. In hazardous industries, laws should be made stringent against child labour”.

-- Kumar Rahul, Logistic Analyst at AFL Pvt. Ltd

“I think mandatory schooling is a strategy that has worked well elsewhere.”

-- Brian Finch, Senior Architect

“Interesting question!

My view is that India could start by introducing a standard uniform minimum wage rate across all industries and provinces. By doing so, industry will need to reform and regulatory bodies will automatically also reform and hopefully enforce the new agreed rate.

This should also allow some of the most poorest families to earn a better living and not send their young children into child labour (which in many cases turns out to be the same as slave labour).”

-- Varinder Singh, Aerospace enthusiast, Web visionary & Youth

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