Getting noticed at work

Getting noticed at workThe success in your career depends to a certain extent on how visible you are able to make yourself in the organization. It is of course best to be recognized as a top performer but there are other parameters too that can make you popular in your workplace.

A HR professional says, “A good way to ensure that people notice you is to be friendly with everyone around you. Try to improve your interpersonal skills. Pay attention to your body language as well. Apart from your team members and immediate supervisor you should maintain a rapport with others in the organization. A friendly smile exchanged with someone you meet at the cafeteria will simply work wonders. Share your ideas freely in team meetings. Exhibit your sense of humor in team lunches or other such group events.” However a software engineer points out, “Nothing will really give you more exposure than your performance. It will give you satisfaction for a job well done and increase your visibility as well.” In fact you have to make your presence felt by projecting yourself as a reliable employee.

Self promotion is an effective means to make yourself popular in your workplace. Of course you should beat your own trumpet tactfully. Being proactive and enthusiastic will also enable you to stand out of the crowd. It is good to upgrade your technical and soft skills. This is because the more knowledgeable you present, the more sought after you will be by your colleagues.

A retail sector employee explains, “You should extend a helping hand to your colleagues whenever possible. Make the campus hires feel comfortable in the new environment. You can also volunteer for additional assignments. If there is a birthday celebration of a colleague or a farewell party of a senior employee, then take initiative and make arrangements for the same. In order to gain instant visibility you can participate in annual day functions or sports events. Contribute articles to your company’s newsletter regularly and send good morning mails to your team everyday.”

It is important that you do not forget the basics. Be punctual and professional. Dress appropriately to work. Getting noticed at work is all about building healthy work relationships. It will not only give you a feeling of well-being but will also help you climb up the corporate ladder.


- Ranjita Chattopadhyay (views expressed in the article are that of the author)


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