How to get what you want

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Talk about higher pay!Whenever we talk of salary increases and pay negotiations, nine out of ten people suffer palpitations.Remember, being shy, scared, whiny and my job speaks for itself never works. Raise your hand to be heard or learn the tactics to get your word in. Negotiation is an acquired skill.

I thought I wanted a career, turns I just wanted a paycheck

This is what most negotiations turn into, if we are not prepared beforehand and are not clear minded about our reasons for seeking the new job change.

Let the employers initiate the salary negotiations

Joy, a marketing executive was doing well in a small company. His salary was tied to the commissions he got on the business he brought in. He was out in the field and learnt a lot. The problems was there was no clear hierarchy in the job. His boss was doing the same, he saw no avenues for growth. Hence,he applied in an upcoming aviation company for the post of assistant marketing manager.When it came to salary negotiations he let it slip that his previous company paid him a commission on business brought in.

The employers outright rejected the idea and quoted a salary which was marginally higher than what he was getting, Joy accepted without buying any time to think through the offer.

Never accept outright

According to human resource managers there is a general band of salary that the prospective employers have in mind and they quote the lower end of that band.You do not want to show your eagerness to settle for whatever salary being offered,they expect you to ask for more. Do so, but do not outprice yourself. According to a former human resource executive and a consultant, Neeta Navin, the employers always keep a 10 percent margin for negotiations.And in case you do not get the salary you expect but the company is excellent with good prospects go for it, she advices. Most companies bring you at par within three months if you perform well.

Skill set and experience

Back your demands with your job achievements and skill sets. You cannot just ask for more because you are moving jobs, it is because you think you are suitable and deserve the hike. Joy erred on the side of caution, the company was new, he had an excellent track record and brought tremendous goodwill and skill sets. He never calculated his worth right

Compensation package

Negotiations are not just about a salary hike. One can negotiate a good compensation package including healthcare benefits, stock options, profit sharing, quarterly salary review instead of yearly, a signing bonus, education allowances, relocating allowance, a company car, travel costs, the list is endless.


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